How can we make room for One More Person in WestLake?

The Plan:
Permanent Home
To reach the potential God is calling us to in WestLake, we feel clearly called to establish a more permanent home and to become true stakeholders in the community. After nearly a year of prayer and research, our land team identified a 40-acre parcel of land that is strategically located in the center of the WestLake region.

Our desire is to raise the full amount necessary for the land purchase, and to be debt-free before we begin a construction phase. The sooner we reach our goal, the sooner we can move toward the reality of building a facility where God will impact generations to come.

Domestic Church Planting
As a church planting community we are committed to raising up the next generation of leaders to go and share the Good News of Jesus in communities that desperately need the gospel. That’s why for the last two years Oldson has
been an invaluable gift to our congregation and this is our opportunity to help support, through a $10,000 grant, the planting of a Jesus-centered Church – Brick City Church -under Oldson’s leadership in his home town of Newark, New Jersey.

Global Church Planting
Our plan also includes partnering with Light and Peace Ministries in Haiti to help establish new churches. The funds raised through Immeasurably More will pay for, in full, the construction of a permanent facility in the remote, mountainous village of Pine Forest.

The total cost to realize this vision for LFC-WestLake is $800,000 dollars given over three years.